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Board Development

An active and effective Board is the key to any successful organization. We can assess areas of need and create strategies to build or reengage your Board, as well as lead Board retreats and fundraising training sessions. 

Nonprofit organizations need good governance, and strong leadership from Board members in good times and in bad. Virginia Fundraising Consultants is an industry leader in Board development - we can help establish and maintain effective Board leadership and ensure you have a high-performing Board working successfully for your organization's interests.

We know what is required to make a good Board member and our wide network of key industry players will ensure that only the best people are on your Board. Virginia Fundraising Consultants will identify those who can think strategically and see the big picture, as well as bring a wide range of experiences, expertise, and access to the Board.

We are skilled in reinvigorating Board members and ensuring that everyone is proactively helping to achieve core objectives. We can look at committee structures and ensure that they are effectively engaging members and work to encourage members to participate more fully. We can also help prepare Boards for the important task of fundraising and look at how to take members to the next level.