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Capital Campaigns

When small to mid-size organizations conduct a capital campaign, the process can either strain resources or initiate transformational growth. To ensure a campaign that exceeds its goal and strengthens the organization's development efforts for the long term, good campaign counsel is vital. 

With a background of successful capital campaigns under our belt, we can help you develop a strategy that will transform your organization.

Virginia Fundraising Consultants is experienced in delivering quality capital campaign and fundraising counsel. We are there to enhance relationships between your organization and your constituents. What's more, we understand that developing the campaign plan is only the start of the task at hand.

Successful capital campaigns depend on successful development and execution of a well-thought-out and strategic plan. Progress must be carefully monitored, and the appropriate adjustments implemented to maintain momentum and keep the campaign on course.

We also understand the importance of executing the campaign in a manner that does not undermine ongoing annual fundraising programs.

The proof of our quality of work is evident in not only our actions throughout the campaign, but by what happens once the campaign is "over". Fundraising programs are more robust, leadership agrees that fundraising is an ongoing investment, and systems are in place to maximize existing and potential revenue avenues.

Our capital campaign services range from complete development, planning and execution, to helping design and develop a campaign plan and budget. We can look at recruitment needs, strategic timelines, cultivation and solicitation strategies,and campaign leadership.