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Coaching and Training

Board Development 
A healthy high-functioning board is critical to the success of a nonprofit enterprise, however, shifting the culture of a board is never easy. Our services address the full life-cycle of Board development, including the composition, recruitment and orientation of new board members, setting expectations, role clarification, effective communication and developing mutual respect between volunteers and professionals. Our work will deliver strategies for empowering board members to be fundraisers, advocates and ambassadors. 

Capital Campaign Preparation 
Capital Campaigns can transform an organization.  However, to be successful, you need to have the right pieces in place.  We can work with your Board to access your campaign readiness, allay fears of major campaign, and help train the Board members to actually enjoy being part of a successful effort. 

Fundraising Training 
An organization’s capacity to strive for excellence is integrally linked to its capacity to raise the necessary funds, and its ability to ask for them. Focusing on the principles of honest communication, storytelling and relationship building, we help you develop powerful solicitation and messaging techniques that reframe mindsets to help you reach your goals. 

Leadership Presence for Nonprofit Executives 
People are an organization’s greatest asset. How you present yourself can make a powerful first and lasting impression. Your communication style speaks volumes about your confidence, level of knowledge, and can go far in building your credibility. It is crucial when inspiring donors, internal teams or the public at large to adopt an idea. It is a key differentiator between those who lead and those who are led.   We can build a personal and customized program that will develop your ability to inspire, engage and connect with others. Using experiential learning, role-playing and other methodologies, this session will deliver techniques to take your leadership presence to the next level. 

Team Building 
The benefits to building an effective team cannot be underestimated. A strong team models healthy productive relationships organization-wide and achieve better results. Our approach to personal and customized training is based on the unique organizational needs of every client. This training moves from theory to practical application, laying out short-term building blocks and long-term strategies needed to create the most effective and resilient leadership teams.   

Trainings are conducted by Alex Pomerantz and Virginia Thumm.